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Little by Little Beag air Bheag

A1 - Beginners  : Unit 19 - Expressing capability
A1 - Luchd-tòiseachaidh  : Aonad 19 - Expressing capability

Test Yourself

  1. How would you say “they can’t do that”?
  2. How would you reply in the affirmative to the question “an urrainn dhut rudeigin a dhèanamh dhomh?”
  3. What does “is mòr am beud” mean?
  4. What does “chan urrainn dhomh innse dhut” mean?
  5. Which of the following means “why can’t you?”
  6. How might you reply to the question “am b’ urrainn dhaibh a bhith ann?”
  7. What is the Gaelic for shoelaces?
  8. Which of the following does not mean “how old is Mary?”
  9. Which of the following means “I am telling the truth”?
  10. Your foot is trapped under a rock, when a friend appears. What might you say by way of seeking assistance?


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