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Little by Little Beag air Bheag

A1 - Beginners  : Unit 27 - Ordering food and cooking
A1 - Luchd-tòiseachaidh  : Aonad 27 - Biadh

Test yourself

  1. What is the Gaelic for “vegetarian”?
  2. What does “cha leig thu leas” mean?
  3. What is the Gaelic for white wine?
  4. What is the Gaelic for “restaurant”?
  5. What does “muasgain-chaola” mean?
  6. What would you get in an Indian restaurant?
  7. How would you ask in Gaelic “who is driving?”
  8. What does “blasta” mean?
  9. What does “greas ort” mean?
  10. What is the Gaelic for “waiter”?


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