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A1 - Beginners  : Unit 28 - Talking about holidays
A1 - Luchd-tòiseachaidh  : Aonad 28 - Làithean-saora

Test yourself

  1. What is the Gaelic for “holidays” [lit. “free days”]?
  2. What does “leabaidh is bracaist” mean?
  3. What is the Gaelic for “hotel”?
  4. What does “mòr gu leòr airson dithis” mean?
  5. What does “Tha Dìleas* a’ dol don taigh-chon” mean? [*Dìleas means “faithful” and is a common dog’s name]
  6. What is the main activity in an “amar-snàmh”?
  7. How would you say in Gaelic “It’s hot in France in August”?
  8. Which of the following is an unlikely statement?
  9. How would you say “I hope you enjoy Spain”?
  10. What is the Gaelic for “Tobermory”?


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